The Story
We are uniting and mobilizing the global hockey community against climate change.
If winters disappear, hockey will disappear. Don’t sit on the bench. Join us!

As hockey players, we can already see the changes happening on the ice. Winters are getting shorter and warmer, making it more difficult to play outdoor hockey. Before it’s too late, we must connect the dots between the consequences of climate change and the future of winter sports. We can still avoid irreversible changes to our winters and preserve the roots of this beautiful game for future generations. If we don’t, we will have much bigger things to worry about than where to play outdoor hockey with our friends…

We work together with teams, companies, and organizations to raise awareness and encourage action. We organize outdoor hockey tournaments where players have fun while fighting climate change. All proceeds are invested into local climate projects. So far, we have donated over 20,000€ and have organized the largest charity hockey tournaments in the Nordics. Over 1000+ players have joined our tournaments and support our efforts, including Stanley Cup winners, Finnish league legends, entertainment stars, and the President of Finland!